When our horses retire from racing we work with their owners to do all we can to ensure they have a happy and fulfilling second career. Some will return to their owners others will go to start new roles with new keepers. All our retired horses go with a non-racing agreement and we ensure we keep in touch with their progress.

Currently we have three living with us and many more dotted around the country. Their job roles vary from: nannies to youngster, hunters and team chasers, general riding horses and in some cases dressage divas!


Thievery, or George as he is better known, finished his racing career nine years ago, back in 2011. He has been with us since the start of his racing career back in 2005. George’s racing career was very varied but he was always an absolute favourite of the yard. Something to note about George is that is actually blind in one eye and has been since 2008, however this has never worried him. Having had a grand total of 3 race wins his racing career came to an end in 2011.

Since then he has stayed with the us and has become the most incredible hunter. Not only has he been hunting with the Ludlow hunt for 9 season but many years ago he even tried his hand at being a ‘pony club pony;’ this even resulted in George competing in area showjumping competitions! George and Jimmy Daly can often be found out hunting at the very front with the hounds or in the field jumping everything in sight! He is a true gentleman and friend to the entire family.

Quentin Collonges 

Quentin Collonges had a very successful racing career giving all who were associated with him, especially the Statham family, some very happy and memorable days. Particularly when winning the Bet365 Gold Cup at Sandown in 2013. 

Andrew Tinkler had always been very keen to give Quentin a good home when he retired and he was delighted when the Statham family agreed for him to have him. He is and always has been a horse who means the world to Andrew. Not only did he give him 2 incredible days in the saddle, winning the Grimpthorpe at Doncaster and the Bet365 Gold Cup at Sandown, it was his never say die attitude and character that set him apart from some of the others.

Since retiring he has spent many days on the hunting field, partnered mainly by Andrew with both the Pytchley hunt and the Middleton. He has also done some intermediate team chasing which he was incredible at.

Quentin is currently living on a farm in North Yorkshire  (hence his recent appearances with the Middleton ). He is still fresh, cheeky and full of character and continues to give Andrew lots of fun with some great memories to reflect on. 


Goohar came to us as a three year old in 2012 and has stayed with us ever since. He raced over both hurdles and chase fences with varying levels of success.

In the early part of his career he raced, and won for the late Rodney Brereton, who was our yard vet. In the latter part of his racing career, Goohar raced in the Henry Daly Racing Club colours. He gave both the Racing Club and Rodney some happy and memorable days, particularly at Ludlow races.

Having finished his racing career in 2018 he has been living with us. He has taken to his new career as a nanny like a duck to water, and can now be found in the field keeping his three young charges in check.


Thedrinkymeister, or Drinky as he is more commonly known came to us in 2018 from Kim Bailey. Having had a few successful races for the team he retired at the end of the 2018-2019 season. Since then Drinky has stayed with us but has relocated from the racing to the hunting yard. He has become a family favourite this hunting season as he is a true gentleman so that all can ride him. A highlight of Drinky’s first year as a family horse was the hunting course he took part in back in October 2019. He answered all questions asked of him including showjumping (not his usual style) and since then has had a happy season with the Ludlow Hunt.


After running in a grand total of 4 races it was decided that racing wasn’t for Rahotep. Reggie, as he is now known, retired from racing at the age of 5 and headed to a family in Shropshire to become a hunt horse.

He has been hunting now for 9 years and is a is a firm favourite. Throughout his hunting career, Reggie, has done it all. He has hunted the hounds, whipped in and been a top class field masters horse. He is described as being a gentleman through and through and is happy to do it all, lead and go back in the field.

Reggie is a true example of a horse who is not best suited to racing but leads a full and happy life in other areas

Petronella Manners

Petronella finished her racing career back in January 2020. She has been a firm favourite in the yard with Chloe, who completely fell in love with her and ‘just had to have her.’ Chloe bought her from us and has been doing great thing sixth her ever since.

Since changing career she has excelled and is taking all new challenges in her stride.  She has been doing plenty of schooling and is now working on perfecting her showjumping. Chloe is hoping to take her forward to compete in Showjumping Competitions and Retraining of Racehorses (ROR). Petronella is getting on very nicely in her new home and we all look forward to seeing what else she gets up to.


It would be true to say that Timpo’s racing career was varied… Having only won once he managed to come second a few times as well. After a full racing career he left the yard in 2014 and headed to a hunting yard with his ex stable mate; Rahotep.

He has since been hunting with both the Ludlow Hunt and the North Hereford Hunt. He has taken to the role of the kennel huntsman’s horse like a duck to water and is yet to miss a season He loves his job and jumps absolutely everything in front of him



Once here the horses rarely have to go on a public road. Instead they are able to be exercised on the private lanes and miles of grassland and woodlands on the estate. The horses also have the option of being turned out in the numerous paddocks next to the yard.