There are a number of different ways of owning a racehorse.

  • Sole ownership
  • Partnership
  • Syndicate
  • Club Member

Sole Ownership:  This is self-explanatory and many people enjoy owning horses that they have bought or they have bred or have commissioned us to source.

Partnership: Owning a racehorse in partnership with a few others is a great way to enter the exciting world of racing. It shares the costs and shares the fun!

Syndicate: As a member of a syndicate one can enjoy the benefits of racehorse ownership but with a significantly reduced price tag.

Club Membership: We run the Henry Daly Racing Club which is an affordable and fun way to be involved with racehorse ownership. For further information click here.

Downton Hall Stables

Once here the horses rarely have to go on a public road. Instead they are able to be exercised on the private lanes and miles of grassland and woodlands on the estate. The horses also have the option of being turned out in the numerous paddocks next to the yard.